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Maintaining Addiction Recovery on Vacation

Make a list of everything you need to do including unpacking, laundry, grocery shopping, and forget to include prioritizing time for yourself! Then, rank the order of importance of each task and go about your to-do’s in that order. You’ll feel so much more productive when you can check off tasks in an orderly fashion. If recovery meetings are a part of your real life, it’s adventurous and comforting to know that meetings are pretty much the same no matter where you are. Fellow attendees who are local to the area will often have information on great restaurants and attractions off the beaten path. Terror strikes at your very core and you immediately begin to worry about how you will survive your first vacation as a sober woman.


Instead, try scoping out vacation spots that are not as focused on alcohol and are more family friendly such as national parks or areas that are rich in history, culture and the arts. There are even destinations such as Ocean City, New Jersey that are known as ‘dry towns,’ where the sale of alcohol is prohibited.

Reducing Stress During Your Vacation

Think about what kind of environment will make you relaxed and feel rejuvenated. If you have something planned early in the morning you’ll be less tempted to indulge in nightlife and will have a reason to turn in early the night before. You could go hiking, take a yoga class, or even go on a tour of the area.

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Let them know that you are vacationing in recovery and ask them to help keep you in touch through phone calls, text messages and email. One woman treated her daily Facebook posting through France’s wine country as her daily newsletter back home. For individuals recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction, sustaining sobriety is a matter of life and death. Even the smallest shift in environments can pose a problem. While sobriety is a big part of your life, however, it doesn’t mean you can never leave your city. Our drug and alcohol treatment center in Stuart has offered some tips to help those in recovery travel without jeopardizing their sobriety.

Stay Connected

Try to wake up and go to sleep at normal times, and if you’re in a new time zone, try to soak up the sun to help your circadian rhythm adjust. Another alternative is to plan virtual therapy sessions, meetings, or phone calls with a sober peer back home. Scheduling these connections ahead of time will help keep you accountable and give you an extra boost of confidence as you enjoy your adventures. We provideseveral alumni support communities, including a weekly recovery support group, monthly alumni meeting, and online alumni community you can access anytime.

  • It’s normal to be worried that a sober vacation might be boring, but the reality is that you’ll enjoy your trip so much more when you’re able to be fully present in the moment.
  • Consider a brand new location and/or someplace that is more focused on the outdoors and less on the drinking scene.
  • Terror strikes at your very core and you immediately begin to worry about how you will survive your first vacation as a sober woman.
  • Whether it’s for business or pleasure, traveling in recovery can be a challenge.
  • Use this opportunity to recharge, refresh, relax, and even spoil yourself a little.
  • Don’t be afraid to use the technology that is available to you.

My addiction recovery requires me to stay in touch with my addiction recovery program (What Are Addiction Recovery Programs and Do They Work?). Though I only attended one meeting while I was there, which is less than my normal routine, I’m ambivalent about it. I also read recovery materials and prayed multiple times daily . I ask my higher power every morning to keep me clean and sober and nicotine free that day, and I thank my higher power for doing so at the end of every day. A staycation is a perfect way to strengthen your recovery by planning safe activities with people who are supportive of your recovery and who enrich your mind and spirit.

Don’ts of Sober Traveling

And when you do something that has a guide or instructor, they will take you seriously. And you will have accountability as well as boatloads of fun. You can also think about the location and set-up of your destination. Make sure you have coping essentials on hand to counter potential setbacks. If a certain pillow, for example, makes you feel a heightened sense of security, bring that pillow with you on the road. Being in recovery doesn’t mean you should nitpick or be overly concerned with packing light.

If being prepared means bringing extra items with you, that’s alright. Your sobriety is worth the cost of checking a second bag at the airport.

Finding ways to minimize exposure to triggers can help you feel more resilient when you encounter something unexpected or unavoidable. If you or someone you know is struggling with substance use disorder, don’t wait. Call RECOVERY. Our Mission Center team is awaiting your call 24/7. Vacations are an excellent opportunity for us to unplug, however in recovery, unplugging does not mean disconnecting from our sober support network.

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